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Office du Tourisme du Canton de Vaud

Discover the hotel heritage of the Canton of Vaud

In historic Vaudois hotels – whether they date from the 19th century or from newer eras – special attention is paid to every detail. Treat yourself to a journey in time during a stay that combines exceptional hospitality and the discovery of local heritage.

Swiss and Vaudois hotels have been renowned since the beginning of tourism in the 19th century. Some Vaudois hotels have preserved their period look, others - of more recent periods - are just as impressive from an architectural point of view.

Over time, we have learned to appreciate the past. Vaudois hotels are a good example of this historical preservation. Thus, today’s managers sometimes become hunters for old pieces of furniture that will perfectly fit in with the architectural style of their establishment.

The quality is in the details! Even though these decorative elements may be unnoticeable to most guests, they contribute to the overall hotel know-how and reflect their outstanding hospitality. Despite their historical character, these hotels offer the latest technology! So, be tempted and book your next stay directly from our website.