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The canton of Vaud is a region in Romandie, therefore officially francophone. But its international spirit makes it multilingual.

Located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, the canton of Vaud speaks French. The other official Swiss languages, the languages spoken by the inhabitants coming from the four corners of the globe as well as international English are also commonly spoken.
Although the canton of Vaud is officially francophone, Switzerland's other languages, particularly German, are common. In tourist destinations, for example in the museums, explanations are generally trilingual: in French, German and English. The international language of English is widely spoken, especially in Lausanne, the largest city of the canton which provides a home to many multinationals, sports federations and prestigious international schools.

An international population has settled in the canton of Vaud to study, work or simply enjoy the pleasant life the canton offers. The Portuguese and Italian communities are strongly represented.

To cater to a growing number of tourists, Vaud Promotion has all or part of this website translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic and Russian. Some of our brochures are also available in these languages.

Population breakdown by mother tongue in the canton of Vaud:
Main language 

French: 83,8 %
Portuguese: 8,5 %
English: 8,0 %
German: 6,3 %
Italian: 5,1 %
Other languages: 14,7%

 (source: OFS, figures of 2014)