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Climat and weather

The canton of Vaud enjoys a pleasant and sunny continental climate influenced by the mountains and Lake Geneva.

Located between the Jura and the Alps, the canton of Vaud presents a climate at the crossroads of several influences. The predominantly continental climate shows considerable temperature differences between the summer and winter months.

Displaying an average of 3 to 5 degrees C in the plain in the middle of winter, the temperature in July and August is around 25 degrees C. Due to global warming, summer days with a temperature of more than 30°C are, however, not unusual.

The mountains surrounding the canton generate a considerable amount of rain. On a yearly average, a day out of three receives at least a few drops. But overall sunshine is generous. In summer, the sun shines on average more than 8 hours a day around Lake Geneva. During the winter, while fog envelops the lower attitudes, the ski resorts of the Jura and the Vaudois Alps often enjoy a radiantly blue sky.

(Source: MeteoNews, 2016)