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Tulip Festival
R. Dupertuis

The Floralies

The Vaud canton honours flowers throughout the year, from early March to the end of October.

The Floralies around Lake Geneva offer a colourful spectacle from spring to autumn. Several places in the canton are in bloom, to the delight of spectators: the Arboretum of the Aubonne valley; Morges with its Independence Park, its streets and quays; the Château de Vullierens and the hills above Montreux.  Set off without delay to discover these idyllic places and admire these little beauties of nature!

Balades printemps Arboretum

Arboretum of the Aubonne valley - cherry trees and magnolias (March to early June)

The magnolias, which are one of the attractions of the Arboretum of the Aubonne valley, bloom from mid-March to the end of April and sometimes until June for certain species. Nearly 200 different varieties are present in the park and intoxicate visitors with their delicious fragrance. Magnolias are trees or shrubs that originated in warm temperate areas but have found their place in our regions.
The second great attraction of the Arboretum of the Aubonne valley is the collection of cherry and plum trees. More than 100 different species and varieties bloom between the beginning of March and the end of April, delighting the many visitors with their beauty. Many of these trees are grown for their fruit or for their ornamental value, such as the famous Japanese cherry trees.

Tulipes spirale parc Morges
©Raphaël Dupertuis

Morges - Tulip Festival (April to mid-May)

Every year since 1971, the town of Morges has been decked out in its most beautiful colours for the Tulip Festival during the spring. The Independence Park, the quays and the whole town host more than 140,000 flowers (tulips but also narcissi, hyacinths and crocuses) and about 300 different varieties of tulips. All kinds of activities complete this great floral show, adding the enchantment of harmonies to the symphony of colours. This magnificent festival, which has become unmissable, is organised by the Morges Fleur du Léman association, which also organises the Dahlia Festival.

Pléiades - Narcisses
Maude Rion

Montreux Riviera - Narcissi (May)

From April to May, wild narcissi cover the meadows of the upper reaches of Montreux and Vevey. This natural phenomenon, also known as "May snow", is best admired during individual or guided walks along the marked paths. As soon as the snow melts, the narcissi leaves emerge from the ground and take advantage of the energy stored in their bulbs to flower early.
To discover these narcissi-covered landscapes, several educational trails start from the village of Les Avants, the stations of Les Pléiades, Glion, Caux and Mont-Pèlerin! These routes cross the most beautiful meadows and landscapes offering spectacular views of Lake Geneva.

Vullierens Castle

Château de Vullierens (April to end of August)

10 minutes from Morges, the Gardens of the Château de Vullierens are unique in Switzerland. The castle, with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, is the precious guardian of a garden of over 30 hectares. Initially devoted to irises - more than 400 varieties bloom from mid-May to early June - the gardens have developed considerably in recent years to become a must-see destination for lovers of nature, flowers and sculptures.
At the height of the season, an incomparable 4-hectare mosaic is made up of thousands of flowers: the blooming begins with late tulips, followed by rhododendrons, hyacinths, peonies, irises, alliums, roses, hemerocallis, hydrangeas, dahlias and more, and ends with the autumn foliage of the estate's century-old trees.
The thematic walks, the sculpture park and the vineyard offer additional pleasure. The bridle path, lined with historic trees such as redwoods, oaks and tulip trees, completes the floral offer.
Quai des Dahlias
© Raphael Dupertuis

Morges - Dahlia Festival (July to end of October)

Since 1996, the Igor-Stravinsky quay (between the church and the "Vertou" Park) in Morges has been attracting visitors to the shores of Lake Geneva every year from July to the end of October for the Dahlia Festival. In this enchanting setting, more than 2,200 flowers and a hundred varieties of dahlias are planted to embellish this idyllic promenade, with petals bursting with all colours. The magnificent Dahlia Festival is organised by the Morges Fleur du Léman association, which also organises the Tulip Festival.