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Plage de Gletterens - famille
Pascal Gertschen

Water fun with the family

Be in synch with your family by having a splash this summer! The canton of Vaud has everything you need to cool you and your children down.

What family activities are there this summer in the canton of Vaud?

Give the kids a treat and make sure you have fun too! During your holiday in the canton of Vaud, everyone, from child to adult, can have a splashing time! The many pools and beaches along the lakes are of course a must. But it’s just as lovely to stroll along rivers on the lookout for frogs and learning something new on the topic of water in fun and educational venues. Then there are the leisure parks, theme trails, animal parks and museums in Vaud, which also appeal to all generations. Ready to experience your best family life? This way, please!

Beaches, hiking, swimming pools and museums around the lakes and rivers in the canton of Vaud

On the very first hot day, your kids have already got their swimsuits, swim rings, snorkels and masks out. They’re so ready. Are you? It’s amazing how attracted children are by water. Splashing, diving and sometimes even just dipping their feet in the water and watching the water flora and fauna instantly draws a smile on their faces. Their happiness makes yours. Your smartphone will burst under the weight of all the photos of junior learning how to swim. But you must admit: You, too, love to play in the water! All water activities are so refreshing and rejuvenating. And if, on top of all that, they bring the whole family together, what more could you ask for?

Bellerive swimming pool

Have fun at the pool or beach with the kids

“When are we going to the pool?” If you were given ten francs each time you heard this sentence from your children, you could buy all the pools in the canton of Vaud! Then again… maybe not… because there are heaps of pools here! So you can suit your whim of the day: from a campsite pool out in the green to a pool by the lake. The swimming pool of Bellerive in Lausanne is really the place to be for the whole family. While the smallest splash in the baby pool, the older ones set each other challenges at the top of the diving board and enjoy water games in the lake. Because, you see, Bellerive is a swimming pool, but it’s also a beach at Lake Geneva. Yes! This may come as a surprise to some, but the beaches of our lakes are on a par with those at the Mediterranean. We promise you that your children will have loads of fun on the beaches of Préverenges near Morges, in Yvonand or on the shores of the mountain lakes in the Vaudois Alps! Be sure not to miss the leisure area of Frience in Villars-Gryon. It offers three pools and a giant zipline.

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium de Lausanne
© Sedrik Nemeth

Family activities you can do in case of rain

Oops, it's raining today... That’s great for Mother Earth, especially what with this summer heat. But how to keep your children happily entertained? Don't panic! In the canton of Vaud, water even invites itself indoors to tell its story at exciting exhibitions adapted to each age. For example, the Musée du Léman in Nyon, which reveals the secrets of Europe’s largest lake in a fun way. Junior will be fascinated by the five aquariums, while the eldest will turn into a “savvy venturer” when he discovers the journeys of the Piccard family. Not to be missed near Morges: La Maison de la Rivière, which children love, especially thanks to the mysterious F.A. Forel submarine built by the team of Jacques Piccard. Has it stopped raining? Make the best of it by checkint out the didactic pond, nesting boxes and aquariums integrated into the river, an integral part of this culture and nature centre. In Lausanne, Aquatis is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. Yes, sir! It fascinates the whole family thanks to the many fish from all over the world, and its modern and captivating museography. Have you seen the size of this Komodo dragon? It doesn’t make you want to stay close!

Cascade du Ramaclé famille qui traverse pont - Eté - Château-d'Œx - 2020 Corina Swan PackedAgain
2020 / Corina Swan @PackedAgain

Why not going for a hike?

Is your kid more like Gyro Gearloose than Captain Nemo? Then they will simply love family walks along the water to look at all the landscapes that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. In the Vaudois Alps, the gorges and waterfalls lend a truly magical and refreshing air to family walks. Your children will always want to keep their eyes riveted on the water, looking for tadpoles, tritons and salamanders. Even you’ll start doing just that, you’ll see! Countless marked and secure paths will welcome the entire family on hikes along the water in the canton of Vaud. Some educational trails offer information boards, where your children will find the names of all the birds, wood mushrooms and regional plants of that area. The smallest member of your family cannot walk yet? No problem, several walks are suitable for pushchairs. And for older children who prefer cycling, there is a lake tour by bike, for example around Lake Joux. If your offspring is curious about nature, they will surely be glad to learn that there are animal parks throughout the region. Another must-do activity for all the family.