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An incomparable terroir

Cheeses, meats, pastries and a thousand other specialties make up the outstanding and authentic Vaudois terroir that will delight your senses. These products reflect the producers’ traditional know-how and find their true expression in the skilful hands of the Chefs in one of the many restaurants and “pintes” (typical Vaudois inns) in the canton of Vaud.

The entire region offers a variety of terroir products. The north of the Lake Geneva Region is quite different from the Alps and the shores of Lake Geneva. It offers a charming landscape of fertile plains and wooded hills. This region of vegetable crops and forests favoured the emergence of original terroir specialties. In the villages and on the plateau of the Jura, thoroughness, the love of work well-done and ingenuity are at the root of the know-how used in the precision industry and local gastronomy.

Although some cheeses and cured meats claim a millennial tradition, the Bonvillars truffle only became popular about ten years ago. But all these delicacies feature in the region’s restaurants and “pintes” (typical Vaudois inns)!