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Balloon Festival

Château-d’Œx - Rougemont - Rossinière

In an authentic mountain atmosphere, the resorts of the Pays-d’Enhaut offer activities focusing on traditions and gentle tourism. The hot-air balloon capital Château-d'Oex brings together balloonists from all around the world during the International Hot-Air Ballooning Festival.

Thanks to its ideal climatic conditions, Château-d'Oex is the Swiss capital of the hot-air balloon. It has organised the yearly International Hot-Air Ballooning Festival for 40 years. Hundreds of aérostiers come from all over the world to brighten up the sky to the delight of inhabitants and visitors. The history of this long ballooning tradition can be discovered at Espace Ballon, a contemporary museum that is suitable for the whole family. Another must-see cultural place is the Musée du Vieux Pays-d’Enhaut. It exhibits objects of everyday life in the olden days as well as paper cutouts, an artistic tradition that has been kept alive in the region. The learning experience can be prolonged at Maison de L’Etivaz, which reveals all the secrets of this hard cheese from the mountain pastures and bears the name of the village that houses its famous cheese maturation cellars. Château-d'Oex also features the cheese-making process: at Le Chalet, a restaurant and cheese dairy that is well-known for its typical fondues. In another category, the hotel-restaurant Valrose, in Rougemont welcomes its guests in a contemporary ambiance that is inspired by Swiss chalets. Incidentally, GaultMillau recently nominated its chef, Florian Carrard as “Discovery of The Year”, a distinction that will interest the fans of high-end gastronomy.

Pays-d’Enhaut offers many sports activities in addition to skiing. Families appreciate the picturesque forest walks with snowshoes along the Sarine River. While the fans of spectacular leisure activities learn to do “skijöring” - a sport that consists in attaching a skier or snowboarder to a horse to set off for a pleasant run or a frenzied race.