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Bellerive swimming pool

Baths and swimming pools

The covered and outdoor swimming pools in the canton of Vaud welcome bathers in all weather conditions.

We have all made the best of a rainy afternoon by going to an indoor pool. Being able to swim in all weather is one of the major advantages of these recreational facilities. However, they offer so much more than simply a back-up plan. The promise of a good day spent in the water can be fulfilled at an Olympic pool for sportspeople, a children's pool for families, a coffee shop with friends or, for more thrills, on slides and diving boards. As soon as the weather gets warmer, outdoor pools resound with children’s laughter and the pool areas fill with cleverly laid out beach towels to take advantage of the shade and sunrays. From town centres, campsites, mountain villages and even luxury hotels, the Vaudois swimming pools all have their own special atmosphere and are sought out by tourists and locals alike.